Perfect poultry options are flexible, affordable and healthy.

Duck – For a special treat we offer whole ducks, legs, breasts, and fois gras.
Turkey – A fine selection of Grade A turkeys, Utility, drums, wings, thighs, and turkey bacon.
Chicken – The list is endless! Chicken livers, breasts, legs, thighs, whole, no pump breasts, Cornish hens, breaded, burgers, fingers, nuggets, strips, stuffed, boneless, seasoned, or diced.

Our customers can choose from a wide array of frozen seafood selections.

Shellfish – Any operator can utilize these shell fish options; crab au gratin, flake crab, shrimp, scallops, clam strips and calamari.
Fish – These traditional favorites are bound to please! Fish cakes, cod au gratin, cod loins, cod tongues, battered fish and fish sticks.

Cheese – Enjoy an extensive selection of cheese; cheddar, Swiss, marble, portions, sliced, shredded, Parmesan and cream cheese.

Did you know?
There are a lot of small cattle farms with 61% of the farms having less than 47 cows.

Eggs- Farm fresh; liquid, whole , hard boiled, egg whites, and omelets.
Butter – sour cream, butter or margarine portions, garlic spreads.
Fruits and Vegetables

Designed to compliment any menu with ease of preparation in mind.

Potatoes – Choose from every length and cut: fries, wedges, cubes, and sweet potato fries.
Vegetables – Year round availability of these fine frozen vegetables; corn, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, mixed, beans brussel sprout, asparagus, onion rings and diced options.
Desserts – Decadent selections are endless! Parfaits, fruit cups, cheese cakes, flans, chocolates cakes, spice cakes, mousse, streusels, pies, pie fillings and sheet cakes.
Fruit – Frozen fruit provides a convenient year round option for our customers available in individual berry selections and medley’s.
Prepared Foods

Prepared foods offer convenience, consistency and fixed cost menu planning.

Chinese – Chicken fried rice, pineapple chicken, sweet & sour chicken, garlic spare ribs, egg rolls,
Entrees – Many oven ready options: cabbage rolls, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, vegetarian lasagna, sheppard’s pie, beef stew, chili, and chicken stew are a few of our choices.
Soups – Flavorful and hearty! Vegetable soup, chicken noodle, minestrone, beef and barley, tomato tortellini, chicken and rice, clam chowder and many more.
Salads – Ready for the buffet table! Choose from potato, macaroni, coleslaw, pasta, seafood, bean and fruit salads.

Did you know?
Canadians eat 46 pounds (20.9 kg) of beef per person annually.

Appetizers – Receptions in minutes with these heat and serve selections. Spring rolls, phyllo with numerous fillings, cheese sticks, cheese bites, egg rolls, to name a few!
Desserts – Our decadent selections are endless! Parfaits, fruit cups, cheese cakes, flans, chocolates cakes, spice cakes, mousse, streusels, pies, pie fillings and sheet cakes.
Paper Products

A complete inventory of paper, disposable and take out products are offered to our customer. Paper bags, utensils, trays, poly bags, garbage bags, foam trays, foil wrap, pie plates, dispenser napkins are a few of offerings. Be sure to ask about our environmentally friendly disposable options and show your customers you care.


Shortenings and Oils – A must have for any kitchen! Canola, Olive oil, sprays and bulk products.

Bakery – A large assortment of bakery selections; mixes and prepared individual muffins, tea biscuits, cinnamon rolls, brownies, ready bake danishes, croissants, bagels, cookie dough, tart shells, pizza crusts, rolls of all shapes and sizes, tortilla wraps and pie fillings.
Casings for sausage production both natural and collagen are available.
Portions – All your portion requirements can be handled in one call.