Old Port Brands
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Cured meats – Terra Nova Foods is a manufacturer of cured meats through the famous Old Port brand and Choose from an extensive selection of salt meat, riblets, boneless, premium, short rib, trim navel, and of course scrunchions too.

Jiggs dinner is a traditional meal commonly prepared and eaten on Sundays in many regions around the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Named after a comic strip character, the dish is sometimes spelled Jigs dinner or Jigg's dinner. (Corned beef and cabbage was the favorite meal of Jiggs, the central character in the popular, long-run comic strip, Bringing Up Father by George McManus (Wikipedia)


History of Salt Beef (from the website www.saltjunk.com)

In my home town, Cape St. George, most people referred to this meal either
as “Salt Junk or Salt Meat Dinner”.   Salt Junk got its name from the
scrappy or pieces of meat that was either too fatty or not much meat on the bone. Before people bought this meat commercially, they preserved their own by heavily salting fresh meat over the fall for their winter season.  The fresh meat was usually placed in build-in wooden containers (in their sheds) with a heavy salt concentration (rock salt) for approximately 3 to 4 weeks then transferred to little wooden barrels with added salt and sea water (know as brine or pickle).