Terra Nova Foods is a ‘centre of the plate’ specialist. We offer an extensive array of protein selections. Our suppliers are dependable and well known for their commitment to quality products.

Beef – A complete inventory of fresh and frozen selections: graded portioned selections, custom cuts, steaks, prime rib, roasts, corned beef, ground beef, hamburger patties, meatballs, meatloaf, and cubed steak.

Did you know?
The average beef cow herd size in Canada is 61?   There are 83,000 farms and ranches with beef cattle across Canada..

Pork – We offer a full line of fresh and frozen pork options: bacon sliced or slab, hams, loins, shoulders butts, spareribs, back ribs and roasts.
Deli – Delicious deli meats in a full range of main stream and specialty proteins: loaf products, sliced options, pepperoni, salami, bologna, roast beef, pastrami, smoked meat, turkey breast, and prosciutto.
Sausage – Not just for breakfast anymore, we offer a wide choice of specialty sausage; Old Port seasoned sausages, breakfast sausage, chorizo, rounds, polish coils, and bratwurst to name a few!
History of the sausage...
Early humans made the first sausages by stuffing roasted intestines into stomachs.[2] As early as 589 BC, a Chinese sausage (làcháng) was mentioned consisting of goat and lamb meat. The Greek poet Homer mentioned a kind of blood sausage in the Odyssey, Epicharmus wrote a comedy titled The Sausage, and Aristophanes' play The Knights is about a sausage-vendor who is elected leader. Evidence suggests that sausages were already popular both among the ancient Greeks and Romans, and most likely with the illiterate tribes occupying the larger part of Europe. (Wikipedia)
 Hot Dogs – Too many options to list – a lengthy list of franks utilizing a variety of proteins, regular and large formats with veggie franks available too.
Specialty Game – Although there are many game options in stock, we can access anything on your list from elk to buffalo.
Veal – Tender and flavorful veal options include Osso Buco and veal chops and cutlets.
Lamb – New Zealand’s finest lamb available in legs, boneless, shoulders, shanks, loin chops, chops, and French racks.